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It's nice to meet you! We are Bill & Tracy and we own Dakota Soapworks. Learn about us here.

Completely Handcrafted


For over 21 years, we have been formulating and creating natural soap!

Constantly Creating


In all of our years, we still constantly research and create new recipes!

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What our customers say about us


Laura S. says, " Hello, I just received my order and have to say, it's the best so far. The shampoo bar is excellent for my hair. I did nothing except wash with your bar, and the texture of my hair is rich and "bouncy" I'm 57 and have tried to tame my "rat's nest" with everything under the sun. You really know your craft. Thank you."

Judith H. says of our Radiation Relief Soap, "I really must thank you for the face soap. It works wonders. I had a really bad rash on my back, face and hands. The hands were bleeding and everything! So painful but since I started using that soap, I am like a new woman. I showed my Family MD the difference and she was amazed! It is about 75% better. Thanks again, Judith. I am amazed, but so happy that my Grandson wants to hold my hands again."

Ada P. says of our Radiation Relief Soap, " Immediately after using & for an hour or two my skin & the hardness inside seems so soft & supple . However, it does wear off . If it was a neutral color I would slather it in & leave it ." 

April H. says, "So my order arrived and I used my Lime Shampoo Bar along with the Lady Bar. I am so happy with my stuff! The Shampoo bar was so, so easy to work through my hair and  was actually nice and creamy as I lathered. That is the downside of the bars in my opinion. They tend to be somewhat difficult to either lather up, massage in or both. This was not the case at all with your shampoo bar. It was so nice and smells amazing. I love it!"

Randy P. says, " Best soaps I have ever used, bar none(pun intended). They really are a great company with excellent quality, pure ingredient soaps! I have used them the past two years and have just ordered 40 more I like them so much. Do yourself a favor and try their soaps, I know you will love them!"